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So I’ve been receiving a picture every day from denied for the past few weeks… each day was a different letter he had spelled in his coffee. Apparently he finally finished today.

denied's coffee

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Happy days for Goddess Chloe fans by denied

Goddess Chloe has gone away on a decadent Hollywood vacation, and has permitted me to write Her column this week. That way, She can spend even more time relaxing and lounging about and no doubt having a divine and luxurious time.

She definitely deserves a vacation. The last weeks and months have been an incredible time for those of us who are lucky enough to serve or worship Goddess Chloe. She has never been more productive than now. She has made a new web site, started blogging, started up Her column at the Dose again, and made lots and lots of new clips.

Just in the last week She has made some seriously hot clips. Like this ruined orgasm clip, or this clip, and this clip. my favorite is this ignore clip, which may be the classiest clip on Kinkbomb right now. Truly worthy of a Goddess. i love how elegant She is there, a truly superior woman. How can you look at something like that and not melt completely?

Goddess Chloe in Hollywood

Another big thing Goddess Chloe has focused on lately is hypnosis. She has started a new series of hypnosis sessions for the purpose of completely transforming the listener into the perfect kind of slave for Her.

The amount of work that seems to go into these is astonishing. There’s nothing half-hearted about this project. Goddess Chloe has always had a natural talent for hypnosis. She made several fantastic sessions some time ago, and there has always been something hypnotic about Her non-hypnosis worship clips as well – like this one, where She uses Her amazing eyes to stare you into submission and passivity.

But recently She has begun taking this to a whole new level, by working in all sorts of elements of advanced hypnosis, mind-control, NLP, etc. She has devoured entire stacks of books, taken courses – and experimented on slaves. (What else are we for?) All to find out the best way of molding subs to Her purpose.

The result so far is four amazingly powerful new hypnosis clips, and She’s working hard to create more.

The first is one She intends all subs to start out with, before they listen to the others. It lays the groundwork for the rest that follow by creating triggers the other sessions rely on. It also has a fairly long induction, making it especially good for newcomers to hypnosis.

In the second She begins to manipulate you for real, by having You associate happiness with obedience to Her, and having You dream about Her at night.

The third is Her most ambitious yet. It attempts to give the listener a foot fetish, or strengthen the one they may have already. This is because Goddess Chloe genuinely loves having Her feet worshiped, and would prefer all Her slaves to be foot freaks. And – it works, it really does. Before listening to this, i had never had a foot fetish, or looked much at anyone’s feet, not even Goddess Chloe’s. But now i appreciate just how beautiful and sexy feet are. i’m well on my way to becoming a true foot freak.


The fourth is a clip that should be listened to while falling asleep every night. It guides you towards sleep, while reaffirming your devotion and obedience to Goddess Chloe.


All of these clips use different methods of induction and different types of manipulation. And they’re all very effective. Listening to one of these every day will change you.


And this is just the beginning. Goddess Chloe loves making these, and She has lots of ideas for more. And also for more hot non-hypnosis clips.

Goddess Chloe being Interviewed in Hollywood

So, yes, whether you’re just a fan of Goddess Chloe or one of Her lucky lucky slaves, this is a pretty exciting time. And She’s just getting warmed up.

(Thank You, Goddess, for permitting me to write this week’s column. Hope You’re enjoying Yourself! – denied)




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A few updates and New Clips!

I’ve had a pretty eventful few weeks, but what I’m most excited about is My mini vacation to Hollywood this week :) I’m taking a break from packing this morning to write this – I’ll be leaving in a few hours (so that also means I probably won’t be online for sessions – I’ll be too busy having a blast!).

I’ve been absolutely LOVING My new office/studio! I’m sure you all have been loving it as well what with all the new clips I’ve been filming! I filmed three more clips yesterday, and have quite a few that are yet to be released. I’ve a whole lot in store on the clip front, so make sure to keep checking back often. Also, I do custom clips (if it’s one I think I’ll enjoy). Custom requests can be sent here.

I’ve also been loving how many gifts have been showing up lately (not that that’s at all out of the ordinary). I also got to take over a slaves Amazon account via teamviewer :) I still retain 100% control of it, and have been going on randomly to buy Myself stuff as I think of it. I really love that. I’ll think, “oh hey, there’s a game/dress/whatever I want… I’ll go order it on so and so’s dime.” And just like that, Mine. Being Me is too cool sometimes.

And here are some brand new clips for you to buy up!

Cleaning out your filthy butt.
Cleaning out your filthy butt.

Look at you, butt boy: Always looking for new weird things to stick up your ass. You can’t control yourself, can you? Any time you see something that fits, you just stick it in. It’s an addiction. It’s sick. I’d pity you if it wasn’t so funny.

Your ass must be pretty filthy by now, after all those weird objects have been in there. It’s time to clean it up. In this clip I instruct you on how to clean your filthy butt in the most humiliating way possible. As a bonus, you’ll get to stick something new up there! Wow, aren’t you lucky?!
Buy it on Kinkbomb or Clips4Sale
Ruin your orgasm for Me.

So, you want an orgasm? Well you’re a slave, and slaves like you don’t deserve such hedonistic acts of pleasure and self indulgance. Haha. I lounge before you, in My knee-high latex stockings, silk gloves, classic little black dress and red lips. I look so gorgeous, you will do anything that I tell you.

I’ve decided to allow you to have some pleasure – but I’m going to make you ruin that pleasure for yourself. It’s time to ruin that orgasm all for My amusement.

Buy it on Kinkbomb or Clips4Sale!


Renouncing your religion for Goddess Chloe
In the past you’ve served false prophets and gods. I understand that. It’s easy to get deceived. But now that you’ve found Me, you no longer have that excuse. From now on, worshiping Me will be your religion. Your _only_ religion.
You will renounce your old religion, and devote yourself to Me. I will be your God. I will be your Goddess. I will be the superior being who gives your pathetic life meaning. I will tell you what’s right and wrong.
It all starts here, by watching this clip, renouncing whatever gods you’ve worshiped in the past, and accepting Me, and only Me, as your savior.

Buy it on Kinkbomb or Clips4Sale!

Also many of My clips are available on Clipvia!

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The Wrong Way to Stop Serving

I had a slave that served Me for over a year. I controlled his computer via Teamviewer, and was micro-managing almost every aspect of his life. We talked every single day, sometimes for hours. Then, one day, he was gone. Poof. Disappeared completely. I didn’t hear from him for years – until the other day.

When he contacted me again, I confronted him about this. His excuse? That at least he’d served Me well for as long as he had. It would have been worse if he’d disappeared after a few weeks. By serving Me for a year, he said, at least I’d gotten some benefit from it.

Actually, I feel the exact opposite. If a slave leaves after a week or two, it’s not a big deal. It happens. But when you spend a year talking to someone every day, it’s nearly impossible not to have some emotions about them. I have never thought highly of this slave. I purely used him for My benefit and gain. That was fine with him, and it worked out. But I was surprised by how much it distressed Me when he fell off the face of the Earth.

A lot of slaves think that their Domme do not give a fuck about them at all. But no matter how cruel a Domme is, she will almost inevitably form some emotional connection to her long-term slaves (even if she doesn’t even like them).

When My slave disappeared, I was left to wonder if he had died, or what had happened. If he had sent a small note saying he was leaving, I would have been able to move on.

Closure is important in any relationship, even a D/s relationship with a distant online Domme. The worst possible way to break off a relationship is to just stop talking, not give any reasons, and leave the other wondering what is going on.

Recently I’ve reflected on how this experience affected Me as a Domme. I think it made Me less likely to put so much effort into any one slave (until this past year). There was always that lingering fear that any slave, no matter how devoted they seemed, may just up and leave at any time, without even saying goodbye.

My slave also explained that he felt he needed to make a total break because serving Me was like an addiction. He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to do it gradually.

I’ve heard other stories like this, about slaves who leave their Domme after a long period of time by cutting all contact. I understand that it can be difficult to face one’s own cowardice, fear, shame and guilt. Serving a Domme can feel like an addiction that you just need to break right off.

But Dommes are not objects. We are human beings. Many of us treasure the connections we form with our slaves. We are also superior women who deserve to be treated with respect.

So, here is My advice to slaves:

If you feel the need to leave your Domme, tell her. Don’t take the coward’s way out and just slip away. It’s easy to do this, especially when most of our interactions are behind computer screens where it is easy to hide.

- Goddess Chloe

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ZOMG Brand new Clips!

Extreme Sleep Hypnosis Session
Hypnosis Session – Controlling your Sleep and Dreams!
You will listen to this special sleep session every night when you go to bed. In it I guide you gently towards sleep, but not just any kind of sleep. This will be sleep under MY control. Your dreams now belong to Me.
I will use them to deepen your addiction to Me, and make you go to ever greater lengths to make Me happy. You will no longer be able to have happy dreams unless you know that you’ve done your utmost during the day to make Me happy.
If you’ve been lazy or selfish, I will show up in your dreams to punish you. Warning: This clip will indoctrinate you at the time of day when you’re most vulnerable to suggestion. It will turn you into an obsessed slave whose every waking and sleeping moment is devoted to Me. I WILL take over your dreams – permanently. This audio uses triggers from the first session in this series, which I suggest you listen to before any other.
Buy this Audio Session:
worship while goddess readsWorship While I Read and Ignore you!
Come in here, slave. Kneel down and don’t say a word. No, I didn’t want you for anything. Just sit there and observe me while I relax in My chair, reading a book. Don’t say a word. Don’t do anything. No touching. Just sit and wait.
Bask in My divine glory.
Reflect on how weak you are for Me. Don’t move a muscle until I give permission.
This HD clip is a must have for slaves who long to know what it is like to be in My presence. The quality is so high that it feels like you’re right there in My office, looking up at Me. I treat you with total disdain, and ignore you completely for a full 16 minutes. The book I’m reading is more interesting than you’ll ever be. But even this is a HUGE privilege, one you’ll never be worthy of. All you’re allowed is to watch this clip and fantasize about what it would be like. WORSHIP GODDESS CHLOE.
Buy this Clip:
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What is Financial Domination?

Financial domination. Few people outside of Domme Dose and other findom communities have heard about it, and those who have, often misunderstand it. Wild stories circulate in mainstream media, and even many in the findom scene have a warped view of what it involves.

In this article I will attempt to clarify what financial domination is, what it is not, look at different practices, and different types of slaves and dommes. Send this article to your vanilla friends – if you dare! You may also learn a few things yourself.

Many people find financial domination difficult to comprehend because they can’t imagine a fetish relationship where the primary focus is on giving money and gifts. I too found this strange at first. But that is exactly what financial domination is: domination of a submissive who has a fetish for giving money to a dominant.

Submissives with a financial fetish are not always wealthy. Some are, but others have average incomes. To some finsubs, a $100 tribute is a lot, to others it’s just getting started.

Financial domination often comes integrated with other fetishes. For instance, a financial slave may have a cuckold fetish. They love giving the dominant money to pay for dates or vacations with her boyfriend. A financial slave with a foot fetish may want to buy shoes and send money for pedicures.

Don’t confuse financial dommes with sugar babies, who are expected to be sweet and loving towards the sugar daddy. Many sugar babies discover financial domination and think that it is virtually the same thing, but the “domination” part of “financial domination” makes it something else entirely.

Let’s start by taking a look at your typical money slave. This is someone who strictly has a fetish for giving money (tributing) to a superior female.

What arouses money slaves most of all is often the idea that the woman they are tributing has to do little or no work to obtain money. They love to see images of the woman looking completely relaxed, holding large sums of cash. They have little desire to see the woman naked, and this could even be a huge turn off for them.

Money slaves come in different forms. There are slaves who enjoy it when the domme demands money. Others prefer to surprise the domme and don’t like demands being made.

There are long-term and short-term money slaves. Long-term money slaves tend to stick with one dominant and give her any extra cash they have each week/day/month. Some will do extreme things to obtain more money, like going into debt, finding another job, or selling their possessions.

Some long-term money slaves go even further. They give the dominant all of their financial information (income, bills, etc.) and the dominant then controls and decides how much the slave is allowed to spend for themselves, the rest all going to her. In my experience many financial slaves may fantasize about this sort of situation, but only a few will actually take it to that level.

The short term money slave follows a more irregular pattern, with occasional bursts of spending. He will find himself becoming aroused from thinking about handing his money to a dominant. He may then start by tributing small amounts, building up to larger numbers. Each tribute makes him feel more aroused, until he loses all self-control. Before the night is over he may have given a large percentage of his money to the dominant.

These slaves often seek out a different dominant each time, or cycle between a few regular ones. Dommes refer to these as “drive by money slaves.” Many such slaves feel shame and regret afterwards. They may cancel sent gifts, try to reverse payments, and tell themselves that it’s the last time.

Some even become addicted to financial domination. They will feel happy during a session/money draining, and then feel horrible about themselves afterward. Just like gambling addicts and alcoholics, they may take precautions in an attempt to limit themselves – like making their funds unavailable to be spent online or over a certain limit. Sometimes they will give their wife/girlfriends control of their finances. When they relapse they freak out about having to explain where the money went. There are financial slaves of this nature who have trapped themselves in this same pattern for years, some even decades.

Long-term financial slaves can also get into trouble, but this depends on the agreements made, and the demands made by the dominant. Long-term slaves often have regular contact with their dominant, and will be able to hear about what their money was spent on. It excites them to see their dominant living luxuriously.

It’s important to note that money slaves tend to be immediately turned off if they feel that their dominant actually needs the money. They want to be used by her, to give her more on top of what she has already. They don’t want to feel as though their dominant relies on their money to make ends meet. They want her to live luxuriously and spend their money frivolously, without a second thought.

Another type of financial slave, and the most prone to trouble is the financial slave with a blackmail fetish. Let’s take another look again at the short-term slave who gets trapped in the addictive pattern of spend/happy – comedown/unhappy – afterwards/guilt.

They may begin to fantasize about handing over personal information that could ruin their social lives, like humiliating photos of themselves, along with contact information for their wife or boss.

Most never take this further than fantasy, but some go as far as drawing up blackmail contracts with a domme. This can be extremely dangerous when the dominant is inexperienced (or is exceptionally ruthless and evil) or very new to D/s. It can also have legal consequences for both the domme and the money slave. The dominant should make a good assessment of the individual situation (including the mental state of the submissive) before actually becoming involved with a blackmail agreement.

For instance, in rare cases someone claiming to be a blackmail slave may use a dominant in attempt to blackmail someone other than themselves. It is extremely important that the domme ensures that the person is in fact who they say they are.

There are many types of financial dommes as well. Many see financial domination strictly as a way to make easy money. Others may look at it as their job, some as their lifestyle, and some as their own fetish.

For every successful financial domme, there are countless who will never make anything close to a living doing it.

Some women sell video clips on clip stores like Kinkbomb and Clips4sale, or pay-to-view mails on sites like Niteflirt. I’ve noticed that these sites attract different types of financial slaves. Slaves who prefer to give tributes during a cam session gravitate towards clip stores. Those who prefer to just hand over money and get nothing in exchange will usually go to a site like Niteflirt. Here they can call an ignore line, or buy previously made pay-to-view emails. They can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars without the domme ever interacting with them.

People who are unfamiliar with financial domination often misunderstand what it involves, because they overlook the domination/submission aspect of it.

Financial slaves are submissives. They regard the domme as superior to them, feeling that the domme deserves the money more than they do. They want her to live a perfect life of luxury, where her every whim and desire are met (usually while laughing at what a pathetic tool the sub is).

I’ve found that some slaves prefer to serve younger/inexperienced dommes because they are afraid of the psychological powers an experienced domme can have over them. Others seek new dommes because they feel that they can help to educate the domme about their fetish, and help her acquire as many money slaves as possible. They can be highly flighty, and tend to seek out 18-20 year old dommes, usually serving anywhere from a few months up to a year before finding another.

Some financial slaves “slut,” or, secretly tribute other dommes on the side to satisfy their own cravings. Some will try to “top from the bottom,” or, try to get the domme to satisfy their wants in manipulative ways so they can get off while maintaining the illusion of having no power over her.

The type who seek out younger and inexperienced dommes tend to be more manipulative in this sense. Often they do not realize this, and convince themselves that they are helping the domme and not being selfish.

Some women have a genuine fetish for having slaves serve them, while others find that they are just good at using slaves for their benefit (but don’t really care about it). Both types are desired by money slaves. To some it can be arousing that the domme is only using them for money, while others like to know that the domme enjoys D/s.

I cannot write from personal experience when it comes to real-time financial domination, but I can write of the most common fantasies I hear of from money slaves. They will often fantasize about meeting the domme at an ATM and just letting her withdraw what she wants from their bank account, or meeting her, handing her cash/credit cards while she laughs at how easy it is for her to use him.

Sometimes financial domination is incorporated into forced intoxication. Here a domme will instruct the sub to become intoxicated, and demand tributes that get larger as the sub becomes more intoxicated. The sub enjoys “getting stupid” for her. They find that their submissive side is at its peak when they are inebriated. Their rational side disappears as their world-view narrows, and they are completely unaware of anything but the domme and their desire to please her.

I mentioned earlier that some form addictions to financial domination. This in itself is also a fetish. Basically, the domme will offer “financial domination therapy/recovery,” and will roleplay that they care about the sub and want to help them – doing this while taking their money, pretending that each payment is a step to recovery.

I find it amusing how judgmental people can be about financial domination. When financial domination is covered in mainstream media, readers often react with disgust. They may understand and accept the most perverted of fetishes, but financial domination makes them wary.

I spoke with someone who had a fetish for golden showers, but was disturbed by financial domination. So, getting your face pissed on is more normal than wanting to give money to beautiful, intelligent and superior women? It would be easier to understand for many if the Dommes were being paid to perform sexual favors.

But that’s just it! The women don’t need to exploit their bodies or do anything they don’t enjoy to make money. I explained all of this to a friend the other day who had never heard of it. They said that it was absolutely brilliant. The women who are successful financial dommes are brilliant, truly.

We are strong, intelligent, beautiful and dominant women who have realized that we can make money (and a lot of it) by exploiting the weaknesses of submissives who want to hand over their cash while we laugh at them, and if we feel like it, humiliate them and allow them glimpses of our beauty, intelligence, and the superior lives we lead.


This was original published as part of My weekly column for The original can be found here.

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A Look Back at My Past as an Online Domme

This article was originally published on My weekly column for the Domme Dose. Click here to see the original.

Firstly, I’d like to say that I’m happy to be back and writing weekly columns for the dose!

I took some time away to focus on one particular slave, and for some other personal reasons as well.

Recently I’ve been getting back into the swing of things (doing sessions, accepting new potential slaves, releasing new content, etc), and I’ve been hit with endless waves of inspiration of things I’d like to write about, which is what motivated Me to re-start My column.

Since it’s been so long since I’ve written for the dose, I thought I would share some of what I’ve learned over the past 4+ years since I started dominating online. I’ve definitely grown up some, gained new insights, and evolved both as a domme and as a person. I touched on some of this in My first post on My new diary, but there is so much more that I did not say there. So – here is the (condensed) story of My history online as a Domme.

I’ll start from the beginning. I can remember stumbling around the internet one evening when I came upon financial domination for the first time. I don’t recall how I got there – a trail of links upon links, leading Me to some woman’s page claiming to be a financial domme. I was curious and started looking around some more. I’ve always had a dominant side of My personality. Many people in My life can attest to this fact.

My initial thoughts and reactions were something like this:

“What the… is this for real?

… Are these chicks making this up?

… No way, they have to be getting naked on cam or doing something like that…

… Holy fuck, if this is legit, I need to get into this!”

Skepticism aside, it sounded perfect for Me.

However, I had My reservations. Firstly, I knew that I never wanted to get naked for men online. Nothing against the ladies who do (do what empowers you). It wasn’t because I was self-conscious – I’m not. I love My body. The idea of creepy dudes staring at Me naked online grosses Me out. It’s just not for Me. When I first discovered findom and online domination, I came across what a lot would consider “insta’s” – women and girls just plain doing it all wrong. I initially thought that nudity had to be involved. I was also finding these womens ads scattered beside full fledged phone sex listings.

My second reservation was using My photos at all in connection to online domination. I have many grand life goals. I don’t dream big, I dream out of this world.

I was in school at the time I discovered findom and also had a paid internship. I worried that if I put myself out there it could come back to haunt Me later, or close doors on big opportunities to come.

So instead of jumping right in, I decided to test the waters.

I used pictures of a model, (an incredibly sweet and wonderful girl who was fully aware of everything I did, thought it was awesome, was paid, and also got wishlist items. She was bummed when I started doing My own thing, and we still talk)

Armed with fake pictures and no idea what to expect, I began to get slaves messaging Me.

I can still remember the first tribute I ever got. I was laying on My bed with My laptop in front of Me. At the time I was living in Oregon. A few friends were over in the living room playing video games. I’d told them I was going to attempt to give this whole financial domination thing a go after I checked and saw someone had actually bought My Yahoo ID, and they had wished Me luck.

The first sub to contact Me on Yahoo sent Me a message asking how much I’d like as a tribute. My brain raced for a moment – I had no idea what amount to say.

“Send Me $500, right now!”

To My utter surprise, his answer was, “yes, right away Princess.”

A minute later, I had recieved $500 in My Paypal account.

My heart began to beat out of My chest with excitement and I was nearly bouncing up on My bed. The guy immediately after sending said something like, “oh my god, I can’t believe I’m doing this again, I have to go,” and signed off. Just like that. Five minutes and five hundred dollars.

I sprung from My bed and ran into the living room, shouting to My friends (word for word), “you guys, it worked! Some guy just gave Me $500 because I told him to!”

They were all surprised and congratulated Me on My newfound money making venture.

Side note: I’ve since also learned how jealous other people can be when you tell them you’re a financial domme – or when they’re over and a pile of boxes are delivered that stack almost to the ceiling. I’ve learned to keep what I do private, except with those who I am closest with, and even then, sometimes what you learn about people can be quite surprising. I could definitely write more on this topic later.

From that day forward I continued to do online financial domination, as well as keeping cuckold slaves, sissies, blackmail, chastity, and, well, you get the idea. It took Me around a year before I made the final decision that I was 100% sure that this was something I love, want to do, and was willing to take the risk of not only using My real photos/videos, but coming out publicly about My experiences.

I’ve had the pleasure of reliving that first heart-pounding rush of excitement from financial drainings more times than I can count. I’ve also found that there are other fetishes that I greatly and genuinely enjoy.

For instance, I never thought locking up and taking control of someone’s computer could be so damn fun (bonus when it’s paired with financial domination and chastity).

When I did My first Teamviewer session, the sub clearly did not believe it was My first. I know My way around a computer. I could write a book on teamviewer domination (but in the meantime, I’m working on which will be out soon. Sign up to be notified of updates.).

I also remember the first time I locked a slave in chastity. That was also when I learned how serious the decisions I made could be, and the full extent of how they affected My slaves.

I’m all for making a slave suffer, but not getting them to the point where they’re in the garage about to take a saw to their chastity device. I love fucking with them, even causing physical pain, but not on that level (don’t worry, the sub sawed nothing off and its genitals are intact as far as I know – not that he really needs or uses them).

Actually, My first chastity, TeamViewer, cuckold, and complete control experiences came wrapped up into one trippy experience with a particular slave whom I’ve written of in the past. I monitored everything he did every single day (which is a whole lot of work, let Me tell you). I had him under TeamViewer lockdown, locked in a chastity device (with a combo lock that only I knew the combination to), financial slavery, an extreme foot fetish and, well, lots more. That experience taught Me how incredibly time-consuming owning, training. controlling and conditioning a slave can really be.

I also learned that it’s irresponsible to be unavailable in case of emergencies (remember that cute little example earlier?) Controlling another’s life is a huge responsibility. I initially took it rather lightly, but don’t anymore.

When I published My article where I came out about everything publicly - The Masked Domme on the Domme Dose, I’ll admit it: I was nervous about the kind of reception it would get. It’s such a huge taboo in this scene. I also think that others can learn from My experiences. Perhaps it will help women who are thinking of putting themselves out there publicly as a domme for the first time to seriously evaluate whether or not it’s for them. (I’m not encouraging the use of fake photos, by the way. I also think it’s disgusting when they are stolen from some poor girl’s Facebook page). Remember folks – everything you post on the internet will be there forever. Once it’s up, you have no control over what happens to it (and we dommes just love having our control).

I had come out to all of My slaves personally before posting the article, and was pleasantly surprised when all of them continued to serve Me as Me – the full, real Me. I was also amazed when I was met with not harsh words, criticism and hate from other dommes/readers/subs, but support, understanding, and admiration.

I started to become uncomfortable with not putting Myself out there fully. I’d started to become annoyed every time someone praised the photos I was using, saying that they were the most beautiful in the world, etc. I became frustrated. This really hit home when I began to take on longer-term slaves. There were a few whom I felt a chemistry with on some level. I didn’t want to be “fake.” I wanted to be worshipped completely by My slaves. I battled with this for several months, almost coming out on multiple occasions, before I slowly began coming out to them each individually.

Something interesting happened as I did this. Nearly all of them reacted in similar ways. They all wanted to know why. When I explained, they showed understanding – something I hadn’t even thought they were capable of. They gawked at My beauty. None of them stopped serving Me at that time. (I’ve since parted ways with most, but am still in contact with a great number of them), and some of them still continue to serve Me. Mostly they come and go. Come weak with wallets in hand, then leave for several months after driving themselves into debt and what have you.

I think that most of the slaves I came out to (and I’ve been told this by newer slaves) could understand because they did the same thing. I didn’t know the identity of many of My slaves – I still don’t know the identity of most of the submissives who serve Me on occasion, buy My clips, tribute Me, etc… A lot of them fear being exposed for their fetishes, or of their family finding out. They are afraid that if their co workers, boss, or family members find out what they do online/in private, their lives will be ruined forever and no one will ever talk to them.

There is a difference in how friends and family receive a domme who’s coming out and a sub who’s coming out.

When I came out to My mom about where I was getting all My money/stuff without a job, I also gifted her an iPad. A financial slave would probably be giving the gift of bankruptcy.

What I found even more fascinating, is that many found it arousing that I had been lying to them. After I came out, I sent mass mails on Niteflirt with links to the Masked Domme article and pages with My real photos.

In the past I’ve mentioned how My friend and I drained one sub of over 20k in a weekend. I kid you not, the same sub (as recently as four days ago) still wants to tribute to the fake profile and have Me drain his wallet there. He’s not the only one.

Side Note: I’ve had a lot of fun dominating subs with friends, and initially I wanted all of My girlfriends to do it with Me… that’s not always the best idea. But sometimes it turns super awesome! The girl I’m referring to above is one of My best friends, and we would still be dominating together if we hadn’t moved away from each other. Our wallet drainings together were epic and a freaking blast.

I had planned to abandon the old Niteflirt account… and I did for a long time. Then I logged in on a whim one day to find a balance of $2,500 in My account, and messages from subs wanting Me to continue draining them there (fully knowing of My true identity).

Even the sub whom I had locked in chastity/TeamViewer found it to be an erotic and humbling experience. He told Me that he had been doing this for 15 years and had never felt so manipulated and headfucked.

I have a sadistic and manipulative side of Me, but I am, like all of us, multi-faceted. Coming out to those slaves and being met with understanding was like taking a huge lungful of fresh air while simultaneously having weights lifted off of My shoulders. I felt free and independent, as though I was finally doing what I truly wanted to be doing.

I went into domination initially with an attitude of not giving a fuck about anyone but Myself, but as I went along I found that yeah, I do care. Caring is human, and I believe it makes Me a better domme.

Since then, I have never regretted My decision to embrace My dominant side. Certainly, I’ve had My ups and downs, but all in all, it has changed My life in incredible ways.

So – moving on, I thrust Myself into a new chapter of My Domme life. (My Domme Life sounds like a Lifetime series. I just made Myself laugh. This was the best word usage I could think of.)

I began filming clips and doing cam sessions. I was constantly taking photos of Myself, and perhaps becoming more narcissistic than ever.

Until then, subs had found Me via Google, topsites, and predominantly Niteflirt. Now they were finding Me from all over the internet, especially My clip stores.

I’ll admit – the reason for some of My absences has been due in part to being overwhelmed by the number of IM’s/messages I’d be getting any time I’d login to Yahoo. Sometimes it was just too much to keep up with.

This is why I have become increasingly selective of who I allow to serve Me. However, I also enjoy having many to pick and choose from. It’s all about finding that balance.

I have also encountered many more types of submissives/fetishists than I did in that first year. Initially, I mostly attracted money slaves (or at least, money slaves coupled with something else. The rest usually didn’t speak English and wanted to serve for free). When I began to do cam sessions and clips it brought in a whole other breed of sub that I didn’t care to do sessions with. (Speaking of different breeds, I shudder when I get some weird ass request from Ebanned, because it almost always involves shit. I don’t deal in that).

I don’t want to be objectified. This is part of why I am a Domme – I love connecting with My own inner-power as a woman, and wielding that power. I’ll never tolerate so-called “slaves” who think they’re entitled to any say in what I do, or (ugh) try to tell Me how they want Me to get them off. Gross.

This is one of the reasons that I have begun to identify most with the title “Goddess.” It is a title I feel Myself being drawn to more and more. For the past 4+ years I’ve mostly referred to Myself as Princess. Goddess feels more natural and fits who I am as a person. Not just the way I dominate, but the way I live My life, and how I’ve shaped My own reality. It reflects how I desire to be treated and worshipped as a divine woman who is untouchable and out-of-this-world amazing, with dreamlike qualities that mesmerize, seduce, enchant, but with strong overtones of fear and harshness.

My identification with this title began to develop about a year ago. My slave, denied, has always referred to Me as Goddess.

As part of this shift in perspective, I have become excited with hypnosis, brainwashing and mind control. I love psychological domination, and have had very successful results with the recorded hypnosis sessions I’ve been releasing. My most recent hypno-file was designed to give slaves without a foot fetish a fetish for My feet. I now have slaves begging to worship My feet who never before had any interest in feet.

I’ve always preferred to dominate in a psychological mind-infiltrating way. I’ve found hypnosis to be a highly effective tool, and I’ve got a natural talent (as well as an arsenal of information stored in My brain from the dozens of books I’ve read on the topic, as well as courses I’ve completed). Hypnosis is an art form, and I approach it as one.

My slave, denied, has also been a factor in this transition. As I mentioned at the beginning, I’ve been focusing on one slave for a while – that slave is denied. I named him that because when he first contacted Me he only asked to pay $75/week for Me to tell him whether or not he was or wasn’t allowed an orgasm. He was constantly denied… and still is.

I’ve always enjoyed giving written assignments to slaves. Some will try to get it over with as quickly as possible, others will really think about it and try to do the best that they can. I feel that the way a slave manages writing assignments reflects their commitment to being a slave.

I began having denied send Me daily emails. Each day of the week had (and still has) a set of writing assignments, which change as I desire.

I’ve never seen a slave take to these types of tasks like denied did. Around the same time each day, I receive his daily email. They’re nearly always well articulated and I can tell he puts a lot of thought and a lot of himself into each of them.

A year later he has never missed a daily email. There was only one time that I recall he was late with one, but he had given Me prior notice a week in advance that he was going to be busy that day.

It’s rare to find a slave that is capable of such consistency, and it’s an ability I value highly. I could set a clock to his emails and weekly tribute (although not gifts as he loves surprising Me with them – which I adore. One of My favorite ways to start the morning is to wake up to an email containing a list of the things purchased for Me while I slept).

A completely random note about denied. He does not have a financial fetish, yet loves sending Me extravagant gifts. This is directly out of one of his daily emails to Me:

“i’ve always loved giving gifts, but in a relationship between equals there has to be a balance, so i’ve kept it down to birthdays and Christmas. With You i can give gifts all the time. i love that.”

I intend on taking denied as My fully owned slave and having an accompanying collaring ceremony. It will actually be My first collaring ceremony, and I am looking forward to it.

In other news, I have a brand new site and a brand new diary. I’m constantly releasing new stuff, so make sure to keep up with Me on twitter.

I am also looking forward to continuing to do new hypnosis audio sessions. I plan on releasing a new one at least once a week, and have been designing an entire hypnosis slave training series.

I am also beginning to film clips again, which I’m sure many of you will get all weak and excited about. You can put in your custom request here.

I am also accepting new potential slaves (for the first time in quite a while!) I am taking slave applications here. However, I expect any applicant to be highly familiar with who I am, among many other things. I’m very selective about who I allow to serve Me regularly.

I’ve fit a lot into this article. I still feel there is so much I want to say about topics I’ve only brushed upon here.

As I wrote this I would be reminded of hilarious stories and memories that I would love to tell. For the sake of editing, and trying to keep this piece cohesive, I omitted a lot.

My intention for this piece was to give an overview of My past experience, and to give you an idea where I am now and what’s in store for the future.

I look forward to continuing to elaborate on some of what I’ve touched upon in this article, and a whole lot more – and I’m happy to do it on the dose :)


- Goddess Chloe

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